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9k=The basis for a modern coexistence

Civil engineering projects are not always immediately apparent. They are often integrated into larger buildings and are realized below or on the earth’s surface. And yet special foundation engineering, road construction, civil engineering and tunnel construction as well as water, sewer and pipeline construction form the basis for our daily interaction. Wherever people live together, in cities as well as in the countryside, our civil engineering services create the necessary structures.

Infrastructure is the foundation of our modern society. Every day, people use a wide variety of transport routes and facilities, work and live in public and private buildings and are supplied with energy. Comprehensive expertise, absolute reliability and maximum flexibility are prerequisites for being able to offer the best solutions in the field of civil engineering and infrastructure. PORR meets all these requirements thanks to its many years of experience and highly trained employees.Areas in civil engineering & infrastructure – everything at a glance

Civil engineering and infrastructure encompasses a wide variety of specialist areas that primarily deal with the construction of plants on and below the earth’s surface. PORR’s service portfolio covers the areas of railway construction, bridge construction, road construction, civil engineering, power plant construction and hydraulic engineering. Tunnel construction, pipeline construction and special foundation engineering round off the offer.

As a strong partner and full-service provider, PORR offers all services along the value chain in the areas of civil engineering and infrastructure from a single source. Whether new construction, maintenance or conversion at home or abroad. We rely on the expertise, flexibility and technical solution competence of our employees as well as on the technical innovation and versatility of our processes. Special geological conditions, existing pipelines or other relics from the past require a flexible and solution-oriented approach. PORR also has a remarkable equipment and resources, such as gravel deposits and quarries. This enables a wide range of applications and, due to the high degree of own contribution, independence from subcontractors. PORR can also offer the planning and execution of earthworks of large dimensions or complex foundation Contruction work, such as bridges or high-rise buildings, professionally and in-house. © PORR

Railway constructionAs a full-service provider in railway construction, we ensure the mobility of tomorrow.

Civil engineeringWith technical excellence and individual solutions, we plan and implement unique civil engineering structures.

Building bridgesWe connect living spaces and rely on tradition and innovation.

Rock technologyWith reliability, versatility and flexibility, we ensure safety even on steep slopes.

Power plant constructionWe make a valuable contribution to the production and supply of clean energy.

Special foundation engineeringWe create the right foundation for every construction project.

Road constructionWe supply the entire road construction from a single source – and rely on sustainable and resource-saving technologies and methods.

Tunnel constructionWe overcome every obstacle with experience, expertise and innovative strength.

Hydraulic engineeringFrom coastal engineering to flood protection to groundwater remediation – water is our element.

Pipeline constructionWith electricity, gas, water, sewer, telecommunications and district heating lines, we create the basis for modern life.

Civil engineering refers to an area of construction that includes all structures located on or below the terrain line. Foundations, drinking water and sewage systems are classic examples of civil engineering. However, in the distinction between building construction and civil engineering, the line is drawn at the level of the transport routes. As a result, a large part of structural infrastructure also falls into the field of civil engineering. These include roads and railways, as well as tunnels and bridges, although in many cases they run above the terrain line. © Arnim Kilgus

In railway construction, we bring together a wide variety of construction services: earthworks and road construction, bridge and track construction as well as building construction for stations and other structures. Thanks to this synergy of various areas, railway construction is one of PORR’s core competencies. We build on years of experience in demanding projects at home and abroad and offer all trades required for the handling of a railway project from a single source. Through our own equipment pool and participations in other railway construction equipment companies, we ensure the availability of all special equipment required for track superstructure and have the necessary approvals (EVU approval and ECM certification). Thanks to our comprehensive railway construction expertise, we can also handle construction sites individually and safely during ongoing traffic. © PORR

Essentially, railway construction comprises the construction, maintenance and conversion of track and switch systems, railway traffic facilities and the construction of turnkey railway lines. PORR builds on its international experience and is significantly involved in a wide range of projects in rail networks at home and abroad, in networks of municipal transport companies, trams and underground railways as well as in the area of sidings of industrial companies. The ballastless track system (Slab Track Austria) developed by PORR together with ÖBB is used internationally in Austria, Germany, the UK, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia and, most recently, Qatar – to the complete satisfaction of clients and passengers. It is characterized by the guarantee of an exact track system with excellent dynamic and structure-borne sound properties – for maximum quality and accuracy with minimum maintenance requirements over the entire service life. © PORR

Track works at SpitzWien, Austria

Ballastless track WienerwaldtunnelChorherrn, Austria

Lainzer TunnelVienna, Austria

Vienna Central StationVienna, Austria

Hauptbahnhof St. Pölten, lot 1St. Pölten, Austria

Arlberg Railway TunnelSt. Anton/Langen, Austria

Stuttgart 21Stuttgart, Germany

Lot 3 KoralmtunnelGraz/Klagenfurt, Austria

As a specialist for the handling of large infrastructure projects with many partial services, PORR meets complex challenges with comprehensive expertise. The field of civil engineering includes, for example, bridges, culverts, underpasses, tunnels in open or cover construction, earthworks and engineering structures. Traffic routes and infrastructures of daily life such as flood protection, subway construction, underground car parks and parking decks are also part of civil engineering.

Especially in inner-city infrastructure projects, the circumstances are often highly complex and logistically challenging, for example in the case of processing while maintaining daily traffic or adherence to strict safety precautions for services in areas with elevated danger zones such as refineries. For each of these projects, we develop tailor-made solutions for construction processes, traffic phases and technical implementation in accordance with the requirements of our clients. © PORR

Loftesnes BridgeSogndal, Norway

Schmiedtobel viaductVorarlberg, Austria

BAB 49 BW 103 GoldbachtalbrückeNeuental-Bischhausen, Germany

Bridge Sedlec-PrčiceSedlec/Prčice, Czech Republic

Marbach Viaduct, Germany

Tadeusz Mazowiecki BridgeRzeszów, Poland

Bridge over the Odra RiverKędzierzyn Koźle, Poland

Ciheiului overpassOradea, Romania

Transfer RemisenstrasseZurich, Switzerland

Overflight DorfnestKloten, Switzerland

U Garáží bridgePrague, Czech Republic

Zátaví bridgesPísek–Kestřany, Czech Republic

Dütebrücke on the A1 near OsnabrückOsnabrück, Germany

A23 Hochstraße, Vienna-InzersdorfVienna, Austria

Reconstruction of the Prater nodeVienna, Austria

Südgürtel GrazGraz, Austria

S 10 Mühlviertler Schnellstraße, lot 3Bezirk Freistadt, Austria

Murkraftwerk GrazGraz, Austria