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Whether digital invoice management, online doctor or free symptom check – you are well positioned in the organization of your health topics. Because you enjoy a lot of practical services, which we are constantly expanding for you.

The submission of documents or invoices often takes a lot of time. It doesn’t have to be that way, as Mario proves to us. Because he uses “My Health from AXA” for his invoice management.

Do it like Peter and Paul

Peter and Paul know what matters. Not only in their common hobby, fishing! From now on, the two of them centrally regulate the most important health topics Health with “My health from AXA”.

Jana’s daughter Lisa suddenly has a rash on her hands and feet – in the evening, of course, after the office hours of her doctor’s office. Fortunately, Jana uses “My Health from AXA” and gets qualified help: from the online doctor of MD Medicus. Powered by AXA.

Easier than ever: modern invoice managementSubmit invoices

Either receive eInvoices from your doctors in the ePortal and submit them for billing, orScan, upload, and submit medical bills and other receiptsBilling & Overview

Referral service to the doctor or clearing house

Receive billing of the service digitally

Direct control over deductibles and premium refundsView invoices at any time and access receipts and service statementsEasy with the app

The free app My Health is particularly convenient: All steps can be carried out with one device.

Special: digital services that support your healthWith the free app My Health, you can use the services on the go

We focus on maximum security of your health dataThe NECT procedure (VideoIdent) or PostIdent offer secure registration and prevent another person from logging in on your behalf.Two-factor authentication provides another layer of security – in addition to the password, another security component must be entered when logging in. So only you have access to your account, even if third parties know your password.End-to-end encryption protects your data across all transmission stations. All data, invoices and receipts are securely encrypted and cannot be decrypted by third parties.Login and Registration

Here you can log in to AXA’s My Health or register in just three minutes.

Frequently asked questions about My Health

Do you still have questions about our My Health service? Answers can be found in the following FAQs.What benefits do I have from the ePortal My Health?

AXA’s My Health services offer you many benefits. For example:You can submit your invoices and receipts online to AXA and access them digitally and securely at any time.You have full transparency with regard to your deductible and your premium refund and insight into the current processing status of your statement.You can quickly find doctors, specialists and therapists with the doctor search and quickly arrange your desired appointment.You will receive round-the-clock medical advice from the symptom check and the online doctor.You have the opportunity to create your personal medication intake plan and can display any intolerances.You can upload your medical documents and have access at any time.How do I register for My Health from AXA?

You can register in just four steps:Step 1: Enter your personal data in AXA’s My Health.Step 2: Select a TAN procedure.Step 3: Identify yourself with an identity document. This is possible via the NECT procedure or via Deutsche Post AG.Step 4: Log in with your specified credentials to activate. You immediately have full access to all AXA My Health features.

We have summarized the entire process in this quick guide.Quick Start Guide (PDF, 91 KB)How do I identify myself with the NECT procedure?

Go to the App Store (iOs) or Play Store (Android), search for “Nect Selfie Ident” and download the free app. Launch the app and scan the QR code on our login page. For your identification, you must record your identity document and a selfie video in the Nect app. The process takes a few minutes and your identity will be confirmed within a short time.

Further information on the NECT procedure can be found in this video.How do I identify myself with Deutsche Post AG?

We offer you three POSTIDENT procedures, from which you can choose one:PostIdent with video chat:A call center agent of Deutsche Post AG securely verifies your identity in a video chat with you on the computer (with web cam and microphone) or via smartphone or tablet.PostIdent with new identity card:A call center agent of Deutsche Post AG securely verifies your identity in a video chat with you on the computer (with web cam and microphone) or via smartphone or tablet.PostIdent in the branch:In the identity check, which has been known for decades, you identify yourself to an employee in a post office of your choice. All you need is a printer to print the POSTIDENT coupon.How can I enter/upload invoices and receipts and submit them to AXA?

You can enter, upload and submit invoices and receipts in AXA’s My Health in various ways:Submit invoices and receipts via the app:After logging in, you can send the invoices and receipts via quick submission without entering a TAN. Select “Start quick submission” on the selection screen and follow the further instructions.Submit invoices and receipts via the web version:In the menu under “My invoices”, click on “Enter new document”. There you can easily upload your documents and either submit them directly to AXA, or collect them first:To submit the receipts directly to AXA, click on ‘Submit receipt’. AXA will add the invoice details to your invoice overview after processing.To collect your receipts first, click on “Collect receipts” after uploading. You will then be asked to provide the document type, amount and name of the attending physician. This information will appear later in your invoice summary. Although this type of capture takes a little longer, it immediately gives you a detailed overview of your uploaded receipts.eInvoice: You can receive the invoice from a doctor or billing office as an eBILL directly in My Health from AXA. In this case, the eBILL is automatically recorded and you can forward it to Axa whenever you want.What is AXA’s direct bank transfer service?

In the ePortal, you can choose to transfer the invoice amount of your medical bill directly from AXA to the practice or clearing house. You can use this service if your insurance plan allows for 100% reimbursement. According to which criteria can I filter in the doctor search?

You can search specifically for doctors throughout Germany. You can narrow it down by disciplines, locations and many other search criteria:Offer of eINVOICES, eAPPOINTMENTS and eFOLLOW-UP recipesType of billingWheelchair accessLiftParking placeEvening or weekend consultation hoursspecial patient servicesspecial appointments

If you need medical advice and initial assessment quickly, you can contact the online doctor at any time via My Health. As a DBV customer, can I also use My Health?