Paleo diet – healthy nutrition as in ancient times

9k=Eat like millions of years ago? Paleo fans are driven back to the Stone Age in culinary terms. This brings advantages in various areas. With fresh vegetables, delicious fruit and crunchy nuts, vitamins, minerals and trace elements come to the table. You don’t have to do without meat either. Poultry and fish have their place in the paleo diet. Even eggs are allowed!

A wholesome diet that gives strength is thus guaranteed. Your fitness gets a kick, the resistance forces are mobilized, you feel better overall. Cholesterol levels and body index benefit the diet. You want to do even more for your character? Leave your car and cycle to Lidl. Here you get all the food you need for Paleo and a plus in exercise! What is Paleo and where does the trend diet come from?

The Paleo diet goes back to the beginnings, when man still lived in and with nature. The name derives from the Palaeolithic, the Paleolithic. Scientists such as the American Loren Cordain dealt intensively with the diet and lifestyle of Stone Age people. They were looking for alternatives to the modern diet, which is often associated with civilization phenomena such as cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes and weight problems.

Results of the research work show: The original diet of hunters and gatherers has many health benefits and can be easily reconciled with everyday life in the big city. The trick is to avoid processed foods and focus on fresh produce. In the process, cereal and dairy products are eliminated or significantly reduced.

Unlike the low-carb diet, Paleo is less about counting carbohydrates. Both forms of diet dispense with cereals and industrially processed sugar. While low carb also reduces fruits and vegetables, the paleo diet allows everything without restrictions on the amount of trees and soil. Low-carb recipes work with dairy products. The Stone Age diet dispenses with this. The focus here is on the naturalness of unprocessed foods.

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What are the benefits of the Stone Age diet?

Fit and beautiful through food? This sounds seductive and can be implemented with the Paleo diet. Paleo is less a diet in the sense of cure-like restriction and renunciation, but more an all-round healthy diet that fits well with an active lifestyle.

Paleo nutrition offers you many benefits. The preparation of dishes with high-quality and natural foods contains significantly more vital substances than conventional, prefabricated products. While ready meals contain far too many omega-6 fatty acids, paleo foods have an increase in unsaturated fatty acids and valuable omega-3 fatty acids.

Fresh fruits and vegetables provide vitamins, seeds and nuts provide vegetable fats and fiber. The great thing about a paleo diet is that you don’t have to count calories. You just need to know which foods are allowed and which you should avoid in the course of the diet.

This has further advantages: You do not have to “starve”. The dreaded yo-yo effect is eliminated and you escape the danger of many diets that can lead to malnutrition. In addition to weight reduction, the positive effects can also include a strengthened immune system. The diet has a positive influence on cholesterol and blood levels, optimizes digestion and is accompanied by an improvement of complexion, hair nutrition structure and fingernails.

In your Lidl store you will find everything you need for a Paleo diet! You can find the right Paleo recipes at Lidl Kochen and can even put together an individual nutrition plan. Healthy and fit with the Paleo diet: This is on the shopping list

Healthy eating starts with shopping. This also applies to the paleo diet. As a basic rule, unprocessed foods are purchased. It is best to choose products in organic quality. This also applies to animal products, because paleo nutrition is not a primarily vegan diet.

Allowed foods are:all vegetablesall kinds of fruit (mainly berries)Nuts and seedsMeat, fish and poultry (best as organic products)EggsHoney, maple syrup & Co replace sugarhealthy fats and oils from linseed and coconut oil to walnut oilto a small extent, even potatoes and rice may be served, it is best to choose sweet potatoes and wild rice

You should omit:all kinds of industrially produced sugars up to sweetenersSweets of an industrial natureSoft drinksStimulants such as alcohol and coffeeMilk and dairy products such as yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese and creamMeat and sausage products from industrial productionCereals (to a small extent, whole grains are allowed, best are original forms)Cereal products such as bread, bulgur, couscous, pastries, cakes, pastaLegumes and soy products (exceptions are vegetarians and vegans who need legumes as a source of protein)refined vegetable oils and fatsBreakfast as it used to be

You love your cup of coffee in the morning and wonder what natural foods to replace them? The change to paleo diet succeeds with motivation and imagination. Get inspired by and pay attention to everything hunter-gatherers might have eaten when shopping at your Lidl market. Step by step, you can open up a completely new world of taste with foods from Lidl. This is healthy and even fun!

For breakfast, the motto is: On the fruits, get set, go! Already the blender rotates and there is a fresh smoothie made of berries, bananas, apples & Co. It’s lightning fast and doesn’t take much work.

You have some time in the morning? Then try a delicious Paleo breakfast bowl! A real alternative to coffee are pick-me-ups such as ginger and citrus fruits.

Paleo lunch

In the week it has to go fast. There is not much time during the break. But how does Paleo go for the office? With the right preparation, the diet can be easily implemented. Various bowls and salads are waiting for you. They taste wonderful, provide you with a large amount of energy and are prepared in a flash. Stop by and get the exciting recipe ideas for your Paleo diet for lunch.

In late spring, the strawberry season begins. Take the sweet fruits with you and conjure up a delicious salad with them. Together with asparagus and iceberg lettuce, this is also hearty and the sweet fruits give the right kick! Quickly presented, the fresh paleo dish gives you everything you need to feel healthy and fit. And what about asparagus? It’s perfect for the paleo diet.

In summer and autumn, the table fills up with large quantities of fruit, vegetables and meat. You expect guests and diet doesn’t sound very tempting? Paleo is different! A popular recipe is zoodels with prawns. And who would think of prohibitions and renunciations when it comes to cod with avocado cucumber salad? Paleo recipes for dinner

Finally it’s time to finish work! And what do you serve for dinner? In half an hour, a delicious BBQ chicken bowl is on the table. Or you can try your hand at delicious sweet potato salmon burgers. According to the guidelines of the Paleo diet, instead of burger buns, there are simply crispy baked sweet potato slices from the oven.

Even pizza is an option. With the right foods, it works with the diet according to the specifications of the Stone Age diet. Almonds are used to make the dough for the Paleo Pizza Napoli. Paleo can be easy! At Lidl Kochen you will find many special Paleo recipes. But you can also use small tips and tricks to modify your favorite recipes by changing ingredients. You simply replace sugar in the dressing with honey and the world of salads is open to you. Your Paleo Nutrition Plan

Nutrition according to the Paleo diet is composed of a simple pyramid. The basis is formed by the foods of which you are allowed to eat the most. According to the Stone Age canon, these include good fats and oils such as coconut and nut oil as well as fish, meat and eggs. It’s best to buy high-quality food.