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Good morning, and welcome to the 2022 Annual Review Seminar.

This year’s seminar forms part of the events to mark the Bank’s 50th anniversary, and I am delighted to welcome Phillip Middleton of OMFIF and Gerardo Reyes-Tagle of the IDB, who have graciously joined us for this morning’s special session on emerging central banking issues.

Our 50th anniversary

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6 Ways to Choose Safe and Quality Food Storage

Food storage or lunch box serves to store food to keep it fresh and not mixed with other aromas. However, how to choose food storage is one of the important factors to maintain food quality. Moreover, currently the materials and models of food storage are quite diverse. Of course, each food storage material has its own advantages and disadvantages.

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How to Use Technology to Grow Your Business

There are several ways to use technology to grow your business. By utilizing the right technology and in a good way, your business can be profitable. Today businesses use technology to automate, integrate, and reengineer most operational operations. This leads to increased scale, simplified processes, reduced operating costs, and increased production time. This means technology can help businesses grow and … Read More

5 Benefits of Sunscreen for Skin Health

During this time you may think that sunscreen only provides protection against sunlight. Therefore, the use of sunscreen is highly recommended when you are traveling to the beach or other tropical areas. In fact, sunscreen does not only provide protection from the sun. There are many benefits of applying sunscreen for skin health. More information on why sunscreen is mandatory, … Read More

8 Tips for Creating a Minimalist Workspace at Home

Having a minimalist workspace can indeed make us more focused on work. Moreover, if the workspace is neatly and cleanly arranged. a minimalist room can also make us control the consumptive nature and focus on needs only. This is what makes the workspace not look full and crowded, and messy.

Use the Natural Color Palette

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Tips for Choosing Suppliers for Retail Business

There are many factors that cause many changes in the business industry, including the retail business. One aspect that is vulnerable to change is suppliers, who actually have a fairly important role in your business. This is why choosing the right supplier is very important in doing business. Not only paying attention to product quality, there are many other things … Read More