Abeka Academy Homeschool Curriculum Evaluations [should-study!]

ZIf you’re considering an Abeka Academy homeschool curriculum to your family in 2022, you’re at the right tune! In this article, we’ll be searching at 50 discussion board reviews from the angle of a discern who’s researching the Abeka curriculum for the first time. We’ll distill those critiques and see if we can come to a few not unusual conclusions approximately the curriculum. Then we’ll pull out a number of the pros and cons of an Abeka curriculum and examine homeschool them. 

What we’ll cover:What is the Abeka Academy homeschool curriculum?Accreditation questionsWhat forum opinions say about this softwareThe pros and cons of an Abeka domestic schooling curriculum andMy experience with this curriculum

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What is the Abeka Academy Homeschool Curriculum?

Abeka Academy is affiliated with an American College in Florida called the Pensacola Christian College (PCC).

PCC is a Christian, unbiased Baptist, now not-for-profit liberal arts university founded in 1974 bygraduates of Bob Jones University, Arlin and Beka [Rebekah] Horton (as a result, Abeka or A Beka).

Abeka Academy (together with Alpha Omega Publishing and BJU Press) is one of the two fundamental publishers of Christian homeschooling curricula globally.

Christian homeschool dad and mom often select between shopping for the Abeka or the BJU Press curriculum due to the fact they may be comparable.What Homeschooling Method Does This Program Use?

The Abeka curriculum uses the traditional homeschool technique. Using a conventional homeschool approach means kids carry out their work in most cases by way of sitting at a desk and completing workbooks as youngsters do at school.

Abeka also checks kids like a traditional school might (through paper checking out methods), comforting parents who want to realize exactly where their kids are up to compared to their faculty friends.Abeka Curriculum Review from Top Consumer Reviews receives a strong 3.5 stars.Abeka Academy Accreditation

Of route, the advantage of traditional trying out and schooling (over other homeschooling techniques) is that you may get accreditation via analyzing at Abeka Academy (preserve in mind, there’s additionally a non-authorised model of Abeka Academy).

This stated, although many people assume accreditation is a need to-have, this is a false impression as mother and father can easily get their young adults into excessive school without homeschool accreditation.

However, some parents want a software to be accepted as it offers them peace of mind to know that they’re following an accreditation-permitted path.

One of the splendid matters approximately homeschooling with this software is that it gives accreditation for the equal price as non-accreditation:

The Accredited Program is the premium bundle—besides it’s the equal price as Independent Study. You can pick out to do both an entire grade in K5–12 or a unmarried difficulty in grades 9–12…Your child’s training might be accredited by way of each MSA CESS and FACCS, which allow you to meet nation homeschool requirements and university admissions necessities.

The Academy will also maintain virtual information for you and grade assessments for Year nine via Year 12. Accreditation offers your infant a chance to participate in a homeschool graduation rite in the event that they select.

They’ll get a diploma on the stop of their home schooling years with authentic transcripts.

It might be free if you want to do non-compulsory standardized trying out to find out wherein your toddler is up to.What Grades Does this Curriculum Offer?

The Abeka Academy gives all grades, kindergarten via to twelfth grade. Here are some hyperlinks to the distinctive grades:Kindergarten Abeka Academy Materials (K4 and K5)1st Grade, 2d Grade, third Grade4th Grade, 5th Grade, 6th Grade, 7th Grade, 8th Grade,ninth Grade, tenth Grade, 11th Grade, and twelfth Grade.

There are also electives which encompass the subsequent courses:PhysicsSpanish (#2)PrecalculusConsumer MathBusiness MathSpeechOrchestra (#1 and #2)KeyboardingDocument ProcessingFamily/Consumer SciencesHome Ec. – Sewing andPhysical Education

You can see hyperlinks to all the Abeka electives right here.How Do I Choose My Homeschool Curriculum from Abeka?

You can pick to shop for simply one difficulty with Abeka or all subjects to cowl your toddler for a yr. And you may try this on your kids, regardless of their age. This link has the alternatives for Grade 1.

As you may see, you could purchase all the books for ‘Grade 1 Enrollment’ or just a selected challenge which you fancy.

When we were homeschooling, my mother and father chose distinctive subjects from one-of-a-kind curriculum carriers, depending on what they concept acceptable us quality. (This was facilitated due to the fact they visited warehouses with hardcopy domestic training curricula for sale.)How Popular is the Abeka Academy?

The Abeka curriculum is quite famous among domestic educators today because it has been round for many years.

Many youngsters raised the use of this curriculum are actually considering the usage of it for their own children (one take a look at says eighty two% of homeschooled children will pick out to teach their own youngsters domestic, both complete-time or part-time).

In addition, the Academy gets desirable reviews on its Facebook Page. If you look at the Abeka Academy Facebook evaluations page, the curriculum receives 4.2 out of five stars (primarily based on 270 reviews up to now).

As you may see underneath, I distilled 50 feedback from 4 websites (consisting of TheHomeschoolMom and Top Consumer Reviews), and most have been advantageous.Can You Look at Samples of the Curriculum Before Buying?

You can take a look at a few pattern Abeka Academy videos training at this link.

You also can pass into the Grade subjects you’re inquisitive about and watch movies approximately this system (for example, on these links, you could see Grade 1 Arithmetic, Science, History, and Bible Enrollment.What the Reviews Say About Abeka Academy

When looking at discussion board evaluations for this curriculum, you’ll find a few common themes.

Many just like the program’s Christian angle. Others like that there may be a lot video included, and children can sense a part of a lecture room (in a small way) when they watch the video.

And as a long way because the price is going, you get a lot for what you pay – and accreditation for no extra if you select. (More on the cost under).

Many dad and mom on distinct forums stated the Abeka Academy curriculum is repetitive (e.g., busy work) and no longer overly fingers-on. (It’s usually video-mastering or ebook-studying.)

Keep in mind that the curriculum has a completely patriotic American taste which could hit the proper notes for some mother and father and the wrong ones for others.Pros and Cons of an Abeka Homeschool Curriculum

When I appeared into the professionals and cons of an Abeka curriculum, I determined a surprising quantity of conflicting critiques (albeit, most had been pretty fantastic).

Some people discovered the busy work a seasoned, while others considered it a con. Other households cherished the robust, Christian, patriotic taste of the Abeka application, at the same time as others intensely disliked it.

Some parents observed the work enticing and useful, at the same time as a few determined it painful and missing motivation.  Let’s have a closer have a look at what a few mother and father stated underneath.Pros of the Abeka Homeschool Curriculum

Some of the advantages that appeared obvious from studying those opinions covered:The fee for curriculum substances is the same whether or not the fabric is accredited or now not.If you’re a Christian, you’ll love the philosophy behind Abeka. Their philosophy is Christian Protestant.If math training end up too difficult as a way to educate, you can buy DVD/on-line instructions so kids can analyze via on line instructors rather. (In truth, you should purchase video lessons from the beginning for handiest about $one hundred extra).You don’t have to educate your kids usually – most effective at the younger a long time. You can set your youngsters up with an Abeka Academy homeschool curriculum and watch them learn independently.Some dad and mom preferred the repetitive nature of the Abeka program as they said it helped their children memorize things greater without difficulty.Cons of the Abeka Curriculum

Most Abeka opinions were high-quality.

But, although many parents have been pleased with this curriculum and had (in some cases) used it for decades with out a court cases, different mothers felt in another way.