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Economy in GermanyAll postsopinion-m-wide” data-block-el=”articleTeaser” data-pos=”1:1″ data-sara-click-el=”article_teaser”>Medicine, Education, AdministrationThe horror tale of KaputtsparenA column by Ursula WeidenfeldWhether in healthcare, education or administration: If you don’t have a concept, you can still complain about lack of” data-block-el=”articleTeaser” data-pos=”1:2″ data-sara-click-el=”article_teaser”> Inflation in GermanyInflation higher than expected in FebruaryConsumers in Germany must continue to cope with the enormous inflation. The inflation rate was also 8.7 percent in February – although experts had hoped for a” data-block-el=”articleTeaser” data-pos=”1:3″ data-sara-click-el=”article_teaser”>Stable job marketNumber of unemployed rises only slightlyDespite economic concerns, the German labor market remains robust: Although the number of people without a job rose slightly in February, the unemployment rate remains low at 5.7 percent.opinion-m-wide” data-block-el=”articleTeaser”data-pos=”1:4″ data-sara-click-el=”article_teaser”>Fear of China decouplingBig business against the restA column by Henrik MüllerMany corporations are relying unabated on China business. But Beijing’s support for Vladimir Putin speaks for a rift between the People’s Republic and the West. A major economic conflict” data-block-el=”articleTeaser” data-pos=”1:5″ data-sara-click-el=”article_teaser”>Gross domestic productGerman economy shrinks more than expected at the end of the yearThe German economy is on the verge of recession: According to official figures, economic output at the end of 2022 fell much more sharply than previously assumed – by 0.4 percent instead of 0.2” data-block-el=”articleTeaser” data-pos=”1:6″data-sara-click-el=”article_teaser”>Savings program in the energy price crisisBASF wants to cut 2600 jobs worldwide – many of them in GermanyThe chemical company BASF is closing several production sites in Ludwigshafen, including an ammonia plant. The company wants to cut jobs on a large scale, around two-thirds of them in Germany.opinion-m-wide” data-block-el=”articleTeaser” data-pos=”1:7″ data-sara-click-el=”article_teaser”>Location debateNo, tax cuts are not quackeryA column by Ursula WeidenfeldFinance Minister Lindner wants to relieve companies. But he probably won’t get away with it with his coalition partners –” data-block-el=”articleTeaser” data-pos=”1:8″ data-sara-click-el=”article_teaser”>Ifo index rises for the fourth timeThe mood in German companies is improvingWhether retail, tourism or hospitality: confidence in the German economy is back, the economy is picking up again. However, the situation is different in the construction” data-block-el=”articleTeaser” data-pos=”1:9″ data-sara-click-el=”article_teaser”>German economy shrinksBundesbank warns of winter recessionThe new year has not started well for the German economy. Economic activity is declining – and because gross domestic product has already shrunk at the end of 2022, the country is likely to slip into recession, according to the” data-block-el=”articleTeaser” data-pos=”1:10″ data-sara-click-el=”article_teaser”>DIHK calculationsUkraine war costs every German citizen an average of around 2000 euros in prosperityAs a result of the Ukraine war, Germany is losing around four percent of its gross domestic product, estimates the industry association DIHK. This corresponds to a loss of prosperity of 2000 euros per” data-block-el=”articleTeaser” data-pos=”1:11″ data-sara-click-el=”article_teaser”>Commission’s forecastEU apparently escapes recessionIt is probably not as bad as feared: According to the Commission, the European Union has mastered the energy crisis well. Germany, probably narrowly avoiding” data-block-el=”articleTeaser” data-pos=”1:12″ data-sara-click-el=”article_teaser”>Despite the Russian crisisExperts expect significant growth in the global economyThe global economy is apparently mastering the current difficulties far better than initially thought. Leading economists expect significant growth all over the globe – except in Europe.opinion-m-wide” data-block-el=”articleTeaser” data-pos=”1:13″ data-sara-click-el=”article_teaser”>GeopoliticsWelcome to post-globalizationA column by Henrik MüllerOne year after the beginning of the Russian attack on Ukraine, it is clear that the world is once again falling into blocs. The impact on the economy is likely to be drastic.opinion-m-wide” data-block-el=”articleTeaser” data-pos=”1:14″ data-sara-click-el=”article_teaser”>Dispute over US industrial policysteered into the futureA column by Thomas Fricke Whether with JoeBiden or Robert Habeck: These days, the idea that the state should urgently help with major innovations is making a comeback. A real turning” data-block-el=”articleTeaser” data-pos=”1:15″ data-sara-click-el=”article_teaser”>High inflation rateInflation rises slightly again in JanuaryConsumers in Germany have recently suffered somewhat more from higher prices. The inflation rate climbed to 8.7 percent after a decline. For the year as a whole, however, it should look” data-block-el=”articleTeaser” data-pos=”1:16″ data-sara-click-el=”article_teaser”>December figuresIndustry with largest increase in orders in more than a yearWith a surprising number of orders in December, German industry has achieved a better end to the year than expected. But economists warn against euphoria.opinion-m-wide” data-block-el=”articleTeaser” data-pos=”1:17″ data-sara-click-el=”article_teaser”>Kassensturz in der BundesrepublikThe expensive illusion of prosperity and peaceA column by Henrik MüllerGermany is facing gigantic financial burdens – due to the aggravated geopolitical situation and the aging of society. Can we do it?news-m-wide” data-block-el=”articleTeaser” data-pos=”1:18″ data-sara-click-el=”article_teaser”>Collapsing new construction figuresWhy there is great frustration in the construction industryHundreds of thousands of apartments are missing in Germany. High interest rates and increased material costs exacerbate the need, because hardly any new buildings are being built. Do we need more money from the state – or more courage for the standard house? By Michael Brächer and Henning Jauernigopinion-m-wide” data-block-el=”articleTeaser” data-pos=”1:19″ data-sara-click-el=”article_teaser”>Emergency on the labour marketA pseudo-giant called »Fachkräftemangel«A column by Ursula WeidenfeldAuthorities, pubs, schools – there is allegedly a shortage of staff everywhere. The number of hours worked is at a record” data-block-el=”articleTeaser” data-pos=”1:20″ data-sara-click-el=”article_teaser”>Consumer pricesHigh inflation rate expected – statistics office postpones inflation dataAccording to economists, the burden of inflation on German consumers increased significantly again in January. The Federal Statistical Office, however, has postponed the announcement of the new figures at short notice.

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