Tips for Choosing Suppliers for Retail Business

There are many factors that cause many changes in the business industry, including the retail business. One aspect that is vulnerable to change is suppliers, who actually have a fairly important role in your business. This is why choosing the right supplier is very important in doing business. Not only paying attention to product quality, there are many other things that can be taken into consideration in choosing a supplier that suits your preferences.

The first step you can take in finding the right retail business supplier is to know the needs you want. After mapping your business needs, you can consider other things such as price ranges, payment methods, supplier warehouse locations, to the type of supplier that suits your business needs.

To ensure the type of supplier that is suitable for your business, here are some types of suppliers that can be used as options:


A manufacturer or manufacturer supplier is a type of factory entrepreneur supplier. This type of supplier is more suitable for businesses that have a large enough scale. This is because manufacturers usually have a minimum order quality limit, which requires you to order products in large quantities. Some of the advantages of choosing a supplier from a factory entrepreneur are unit prices that can be cheaper, and the freedom to make custom orders as you wish. However, always make sure the instructions and explanations given are correct, so that the target can be achieved properly.


Wholesale suppliers or wholesalers usually consist of importers and distributors on a regional or exclusive scale. In this position, the wholesaler type supplier will act as a liaison between you and the manufacturer, so that all activities related to storage and communication with the factory can be carried out by the wholesaler supplier. However, this is of course related to the price limit of the product you buy. Usually the wholesaler will add a margin price from the cost of the unit purchased, so to get a profit you have to be smart in determining the selling price of the product.

Individual Supplier

This one supplier is usually suitable for businesses on a fairly small scale, which are more concerned with the quality and unique value of each product made. The advantages that will be obtained when you choose an independent artisan supplier are the quality of products that are more unique, valuable, and in accordance with the targeted business niche. But the drawback is the amount of stock that can not be determined and predicted.

In addition to knowing the type of supplier, there are many things you can consider in choosing the right supplier for your retail business. In addition to looking at product quality, there are several other factors that can help you find a supplier that fits your business needs. What the hell? Check out the full review below, yes!


Price is indeed an important factor and needs to be considered in choosing a supplier. However, keep in mind that getting a cheap price does not guarantee the good quality you will get. Therefore, change the way of thinking and prioritize quality over the cost of the product. Get in the habit of checking all product specifications before deciding to use a supplier.


In addition to considering the quality and price of the product, you also need to think about the flow of product delivery from the supplier to the warehouse or store. Therefore, distance is also one thing that must be considered. In addition to dealing with the flow of inventory and product stock movements, distance is also related to the calculation of the shipping cost budget which is one of the routine budgets that you spend.


In addition to ensuring product quality, you also need to pay attention to the quality of service and the flow of communication that exists between you and the supplier. This is important, because good communication will ensure the continuity of cooperation between you and the vendor. That way, every business challenge faced will be easily discussed properly.